Generations of family pictures, classic hunting and fishing essays and modern bird dog artwork in a 6-bedroom turn of the century farmhouse tell us our families have long relished time with friends and business partners in the field. Pearl’s Pond Farm holds nearly 1,000 natural acres of Virginia piedmont and almost 2 miles of James River frontage. Mindful of the outdoor traditions, Little George Rod and Gun is your opportunity to make new upland memories in the field, the sort Great Uncle Havilah would have written about.

dove club.

Bird hunting is a social pastime, not a solitary adventure.

- Havilah Babcock


"To heck with everybody and everything when the birds are feeding and fish are biting. Stay late and lie like a dog."


- Havilah Babcock

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Retrieving is what makes the difference between a good dog and a great one. It is the icing on the cake, the cherry atop the sundae, the lace on a bride’s pajamas.       


- Havilah Babcock



autumn winds. good friends. gunpowder. winter trout.

busting clays. rising coveys. distant mountains. shotgun shells. broom straw. bird buggies. spiced cider. pheasant cackles.

waxed cotton. firepits. Virginia bourbon.

Good Dogs.

Little George Rod and Gun

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summer breezes. good friends. barn dances. 

wildflowers. skipping rocks. camp fires. kayaks. smallmouth bass. dock diving. river drifting. s'mores. trail rides. wet dogs. loud laughter. lightning bugs. Virginia wine.

Tired Kids.

pearl's pond farm

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2022 Dove Club

9/5, 9/10 and 9/17


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