Designed for friends and business gatherings, our day hunt starts with lunch and a round of safety clays. 

In the field, enjoy the hunt from atop our customized British Military Land Rovers. A single guide and a driver work approved dogs into 15+ covey rises with additional secondary and lesser finds. You can expect an occasional pheasant surprise and when in season, lucky shooters may also take migrating woodcock.

Consider adding two guides on horseback for a more traditional southern hunt. With mounted guides, guests will cover more ground and find additional birds. Working from horseback allows guides to direct dogs into areas where pheasant and woodcock tend to hide.

After the hunt, enjoy the comfort and warmth of the fireplace on our farmhouse’s covered porch.  Appetizers are provided while our staff prepares your harvest.     



Inaugural Season Pricing:

4-person Day Hunt: $1,800 

5-person Day Hunt: $2,100

6-person Day Hunt: $2,400

* Horseback Guide Add-on: +$450    



Day Hunt (11:00 am-sunset)


11:00 am: Gates open. Check-in, fish on Pearl’s Pond or relax at the farmhouse as your party arrives. Each hunter will receive a signature LGR&G upland hat.


11:45 am: Lunch at the farmhouse.

12:15 pm:  Sporting clay warm-up and safety instruction on our shooting platform.

1:00 pm to dusk: Upland hunt: Includes beverages and snacks in the field.

After Hunt Social: Appetizers will be served while staff prepares your harvest for travel.

Covid-19 concerns: We will set-up meals and social gatherings on the open-air covered side porch whenever possible. Overnight stays and upland membership packages are not currently available.

What to bring: 

Virginia License: A current Virginia Hunting License, apprentice license or shooting preserve license is required. Only shooters with state hunting licenses and HIP#s may harvest woodcock when in season. 

Shotgun shells and gun: Each shooter should bring approximately 3 boxes of shells - Shot size 71/2 or 8, only. Break action guns are preferred.

Cooler for harvest: Each guest will receive 4 complimentary prepared birds. Additional birds may be taken on the feather or prepared at $2 per quail, $4 per pheasant. 

Guest dogs, non and/or beginner shooters: Please contact our Upland Hunting Manager to consider your options.

Booking inquiries and questions should be directed to Darin Strickland: 804-922.3531 or 

Contact us to book a hunt.

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